One idea for decorating the front of the stage may be to draw a large mural which see the various products and professionals who are required to produce a garment such as a coat. First draw a sheep, several balls of wool, then a loom, then a few rolls of cloth and finally a tailor making up the garment.
CHILD. Normally clothed child.
OWL. Child dressed as an owl. Mask of cardboard or foam.
FISH. Children dressed fish. In the same way as above.
DOCTOR. - Boy or girl disguised as a medical doctor.
COW. Disguised as a cow girl. Surely you can make a cow mask and so have no problem for the costume.
PIG. Children dressed pig. In Volume I included a pig mask that, you can help.
BEE. Girl dressed as a bee. With the body of foam and cardboard wings looks good
HEN. Girl disguised as chicken. I say the same thing for the pig.
MONKEY. Children dressed as monkeys. If you buy a monkey mask in a costume shop , the rest we can use black tights, black shirt and long tail.
TAILOR. Child dressed as a tailor. I'd put a long black trousers and a seamstress meter hanging from the shoulder.
WEAVER. Child dressed as a weaver. Something like long trousers rolled up shirt sleeves and suspenders thirties style”
MOM. Mama's little girl disguise. Here you don’t need any special clothing.

Apart from that this issue is good to study the animal food from the central issue is to explain the process followed to produce a garment.

Emotionally I intend to educate on the value of solidarity and empathy. The book features a child crying and all the characters are interested in him, that's what I want to convey. Concern for the suffering of others is always a positive value. How nice it would be the world if we could achieve these objectives.

Coat, boring, water, drown, damage, sausages, beehive, doctor, cold cuts, hunger, irritability, hanks, mystery, motility, cloth, grief, loom weaving, bacon, repellent, thirst. .
DURATION. Approximately eight minutes. Play
written for children Children 3, 4 and 5.

DIFFICULTY. Low, designed for children Children and first cycle.

(Begin the play with the narrator positioned at one end of the stage on a chair. A child is placed in the center of the stage and pretends to cry, they appear on the stage different animals)


NARRATOR. - In the field a small child crying. As not speak, do not know why she cries, but he does not stop mourn. An owl came along and approached him.
(Log on stage owl is about the child)
OWL. - A child crying. (He turns to the child) What's wrong? Why are you crying? (Now he addresses the audience) I do not know about and therefore we can not explain. What a shame! Why are you weeping? Be hungry?, Will you have cold?, Will it sleep?. What will happen to small? Not shut up. This is a mystery. (See the public and makes a face of?
NARRATOR. - The owl gave him grief and thought how I could help. Suddenly, the river looked a fish head and said:
(In comes the boy who makes fish, is about the child who cries and says:)
FISH. - Why are you crying child, can you tell? (Wait a bit and seeing that the child does not answer your question and still crying says:) I know, I know. I think this kid is crying because you are very thirsty. You put it in the river to get sick of drinking. (The fish makes a gesture of wanting to get into the river but the owl stopped)
OWL. - What! What! "Put it in the river of your nose? That can not be. Drown the poor because the child is not a goldfish. I think it's best to call the doctor.
OWL AND FISH. - Doctor, doctor, come running, please!
NARRATOR. - Running at full speed was a doctor who came in slippers.
OWL. - Welcome Doctor! Look to see what happens to this child that cries.
(Log in to the scene a girl disguised as a doctor, goes to the child, examines and ...)
DR. - Yes, I have it clear, the child is teething and is a little repellent. Give this sweet syrup and tranquility.
(The owl gives to the child the syrup but this is still crying)
NARRATOR. - In a little while and walk slowly passed by a pig who was very chubby.
(Pig appears on stage)
OWL. - Pig, a moment, please, although you write your own review doctor. What will happen to this child who will not stop mourn?
(The pig is about the child, examine it and says:)
PIG. - A child crying. Let's see, let's see. I think this child has a desire to eat. If it is clear cries of hunger, you need this child is eating meat, bacon and a good stiff
(The pig gives pork products, such as ham, sausages., Bacon etc but the child does not want and returns to mourn)
FISH. - Do not pig, not hungry, thirsty you have is not get in the river to give him a drink.
OWL. - And give to the thirst, I tell you I do not feel thirsty.
NARRATOR. - And at the same time did a girl jumping rope.
(He enters the girl jumping on stage)
OWL. - Girl, a moment, please look to see what happens to this child who is very fussy.
(She examines him and says)
GIRL. - It's easy to shut this baby Grasset have to give him a pacifier.
(She puts a pacifier to the child but this is still crying.)
NARRATOR. - Soon in the midst of a bush cow lady appeared.
(Appears on stage dressed as cow girls and about the child)
PIG. - Lady cow what do you think? Why is this child crying? Do not you think you need a good sausage.
COW. - Remove, remove the children do not eat these goodies. I think this child needs a bottle of warm milk.
(The cow gives the child a bottle but refuses and continues crying)
COW. - No, I can not explain, why does not the bottle warm.
FISH. - Become case and give it water. Put in the river and at one time.
COW. - What say you? We can not put him in the river because he drowns.
OWL. – Don’t be heavier, we can not introduce him into the river. (argue the fish) “A child isn’t a fish !
NARRATOR. - In a little while and playing with a sock there appeared a monkey jumping.
(Log on stage dressed as a monkey child, the child is about jumping and playing with a sock)
ALL. - Mono jumping, jumping monkey cry Why this child? How about to you?
(The monkey is about the boy and starts making monkey, throws the ears, hands, feet and says:)
MONKEY. - What I think is that this child is crying because he’s boring I'll play with it and you will see how is silent in a moment.
(The monkey returns to play with the child making the child more goodies but not for to mourn and shakes her head)
PIG. - Leave monkey and you're going to go crazy the poor.
(The monkey leaves the child with resignation)
NARRATOR. - With much salt aunty got there the boy named Consuelo.
(He approaches the child, it's up the ass and ...)
AUNT. - Good heavens! Poor little guy! I will not mourn the child if done pee! I hand him the dodotis, I wash my ass and talcum powder will happy.
(It does everything you said but the child still crying)
AUNT. - Do not know, I do not understand why this tiny still crying?
(He turns away to the side of the stage)
NARRATOR. - Flying and came whizzing from a bee hive was getting the wax.
(Log on stage pretending to fly the bee girl dressed and placed in the middle of all)
BEE. - What's here? Why so much noise? What have you done the crying child with so many howls?
(The bee gets his hands on his hips interrogating others)
MONKEY. - Do not fret bee, we have not done anything, do not know and would like to find out why not stop mourn.
BEE. - (The bee is about the child and examine it) I know what happens, what you are tensils. Give him a spoon of honey and aspirin.
(The bee gives the child a spoonful of honey but the baby keeps crying and sneezing)
CHILD. - (Cough)
BEE. - It is going to be no! Now he has a cough.
CHILD. - Achis, Achis!
NARRATOR. - The Owl Don was very wise when the child said was sneezing:
OWL. - Pondering, pondering say that the child is cold. The poor thing is shaking and will catch a cold.
PIG. - The owl is right he is crying cold and you have to find a solution.
COW. - I believe that in this case the best of the best is to buy a coat to come into heat.
OWL. - If cow, I think you're right. But how do we get the coat that will keep the cold?
NARRATOR. - By chance there came by a tailor who went to the city.
(Log in to the scene the boy dressed as a tailor. He walks in front of them and call)
ALL. - Mr Taylor, please, you who do suits and dresses, give her this child a coat that we will die of cold.
(The tailor made about the child and take action as if the meter seamstress)
TAILOR. - Yes, of course, of course. The coat I do. But I need to wrap one meter of cloth.
ALL. - To make a coat is needed one meter of cloth. Now what do we do? Where do we go by the meter of cloth?
PIG. - I think the best thing is to ask the owl that is on that corner.
(Previously the owl had left the group and had gone to one end of the stage)
ALL. - Mr Don owl, tell the truth, to find good cloth on where to look.
NARRATOR. - Don owl was the wise, "he thought and thought and thought.
(The owl gestures of thinking)
OWL. - After much thought I say that to get a meter of cloth have to go to a loom.
NARRATOR. - All animals, very seriously went for a good cloth loom.
(All the children move around the stage like the loom that would have placed on one end)
OWL. - Mr Weaver weave on the loom do you one meter of cloth to make a shelter to shelter this child who is dying of cold.
(Appears on stage dressed as a child weaver)
WEAVER. - I would weave the cloth of good wins, but to weave the cloth, I need wool.
COW. - To make a warm cloth and the tailor needs to make calls wool cloth weaver. This complicates our go go.
ALL. - What do we do? And the child does not stop mourn.
NARRATOR. - Don owl began to think and after a long time began to speak.
OWL. - I have it if we need wool to the sheep have to go look.
(They come all to the opposite end of the stage and called the sheep)
ALL. - Sheep, sheep! Come here a moment and bring us good wool a few skeins.
(Log in to the scene the girl dressed as sheep)
SHEEP. - What do you want at this time, so suddenly? I was making me permanent
ALL. - Lady sheep, you give us wool to make a cloth weaver and tailor make a shelter to shelter this child who is dying of cold.
SHEEP. - Oh dear! What bad luck! Yesterday I motility and today I have no wool. If you want to wool, you must give me my grass grow.
FISH. - Now this calls for grass. What a disappointment! With how easy it was to get him into the river in one push. Mr. Owl, Mr. Owl find you the solution.
OWL. (The owl tilts his head, put a pen and pointing to the field says) - You must go talk to the plain meadow is asleep on the hillside just being lazy.
(Everyone is heading to the meadow to be placed lying on the other side of the stage pretending to be asleep)MONO. - Mr meadow. Please! (He pulls the ears) Give us your grass to give to the sheep, so we sheep wool to give to the weaver and cloth us, to give the tailor to make a coat that we put this child is dying of cold.
MEADOW. - In good times you ask for grass! Yesterday I cut and grass away. Now I'm dry, I have very thirsty. If you want the grass to grow back I have to give me water I water well.
SHEEP. - Water, water. The field asks for water. You must give water to the prairies for me and I will grass wool.
WEAVER. - You carry the yarn to the loom and I will weave the cloth.
TAILOR. - Me cloth you brought to me and I will drawing up a coat.
REST. - And we make it to this child not get cold. But Mr. Owl, Mr. Owl Who will give us water?
OWL. - (Shakes his head. It puts a feather. Look into the cloud) - Aha, already! One idea I had. You must ask the water to the white cloud.
(Everyone is heading to the cloud will have been previously placed at the other end of the stage climb on a chair)
COW. - Lady tag you on top, you give water to the meadow that is in the plain.
CLOUD. - And why you want the water meadow we'll see.
COW. - The lawn needs water to grow grass to give to the sheep for the sheep wool to give it to the weaver that weaves cloth to take to the tailor and make a shelter and I say to this child who is dying of cold.
CLOUD. - Well, well! If the child what you want the water now and will give it start to rain.
(The tag takes a shower and water the lawn)
MEADOW. - Oh, good, good! It started to rain. Already I feel that the grass grows back. Ewe lamb, making nice and cool grass.
(The field gives the sheep a bunch of grass. The sheep takes it and pretends to eat it)
SHEEP. - How rich, how rich! Now I will gladly give wool. (It gives wool to the cow. The cow gives it to the weaver)
COW. - Mr Weaver. Come on! You take the wool, jeans cloth. (The wool weaver making watches and says:)
WEAVER. - True, true. This is a good quality wool, put it in my loom and weave cloth.
(Weaver pretends to put the wool on her loom and pulls out a cloth, the cloth gives the fish who gives it to the tailor)
FISH. - Mr Taylor to sew with needle and thread, you have the cloth and then you wrap.
(The fish gives the cloth to the tailor, the tailor takes it and says:)
TAILOR. - Okay if I have the cloth coat will. (Pretends to manipulate the cloth and pulls out a coat and offers it to the owl and says:) Have you, have you already made the cover in a jiffy.
(It gives shelter to the owl, this takes it and puts the child)
OWL. - Poor child, how cold will have passed! I wear a coat and finish your tears.
(He puts on his coat but the child still crying)
There can be no longer feels cold, the coat is of good cloth. If not cold Why does crying?
(He gestures that do not understand anything)
COW. - What a disappointment, what a disappointment! And not cold and is still crying.
PIG. - What a mistake, because what I said! The child is hungry, give him a sausage.
FISH. - No, no. What happens to this child is thirsty, get him into the river and had enough to drink.
NARRATOR. - The animals were seeking a solution but more crying child without consolation. So strong that his mother was crying and heard him running running into the arms seized him.
(Log in to the scene the girl who makes mom, take the child in his arms and says:)
MOM. - What is my child? What is my right? Why are you crying my dear? I give kisses and cuddle him and I will see how my child gets very happy.
(It takes two or three kisses and mourn the child stops and laughs)
OWL. - Clearly, it is plain that he wanted the child was his mother.
ALL. - What will the moms!
What will, what will!
Their children
with kisses and cuddle